Michael is a Los Angeles born filmmaker and a graduate from USC's School of Cinematic Arts (SCA). As a director, Michael has found a voice through witty visual comedy, exposing and exploiting the levity inherent in even the worst of situations. In developing his narratives, Michael looks for every opportunity to cultivate this visual comedy using camera composition, movement, editing, transitions, and blocking to show not tell a joke or convey a plot point visually.


Recently, Michael was selected (out of fifty applicants) to direct one of USC's four senior thesis films. His film, Piggy Bank Proposition, has accrued multiple awards including Best Advanced Student Film at the Catalina Film Festival and the Best Comedy Industry Award at SCA's First Look.

Michael also co-founded AnimalCamp, a now dissolved Production Company and Filmmaker Collective. AnimalCamp produced commissioned work for companies including Blackmagic Design and provided students with paid commercial, music video, and narrative work.



Piggy Bank Proposition

Catalina Film Festival                     


  - Best Advanced Student Film

  - Best Child Actor

San Diego International Film Festival    OCTOBER 15 - OCTOBER 18 - 2019

Austin Comedy Film Festival     OCTOBER 20 - 2019

- Nominated for Best Comedic Film

Pasadena International Film Festival     March - 2020

Chattanooga Film Festival              March - 2020

First Look Film Festival  

March 11 - 2020

- Best Comedy



JANUARY 25 - 2019

Gene from the Hotline

Blackmagic Film Festival                      

SEPTEMBER 21 - 2019

- First Place

- Audience Choice Award

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